Rapid Startups – Bonus: Amazon FBA, my results so far

This is a special bonus webinar where I'll let you inside my Amazon FBA results so far. At the time of this webinar I will have been live for 3 weeks with my first 2 products on Amazon.
* I am building a BRAND
* I'll share my results so far and biggest lessons learnt
* How you can find and launch your first product

** 7 Day Startup Live Challenge starts this week **
* Day 1 – Ideation
* My Idea through the ringer..

Tools from this session:
JungleScout – the best product research tool for Amazon FBA out there: http://goo.gl/urXBH3
OptimizePress – build and launch a landing page, amazing website, or even Membership Site in minutes! So good: http://goo.gl/nq6iqz

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